Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou is a well known greek fashion designer.She started her career in 2008 with her first fashion show in London Fashion Week.
In the beggining she was studying architecture but then she realised that fashion design was her big love above all as she switched her focus from prints for interiors to fashion prints.
Her journey had begun when she was abroad studying fashion design and until now she had become a really successful designer.
The one thing that has certainly made her so unique was her thematic collections that revolve around an icon of luxury, an object from art or design that a woman would not be able to wear if it was real.

From the first time that I saw her collection in a fashion show in 2011, I was completely impressed by her talent and her aesthetic.Above all different collections in the show,it was the only one that was so impressive,different and interesting!

                     Real fashion icons such as Anna Dello Russo are supporting her talent
In November 2011 Mary was awarded the British Fashion Award for Emerging Talent: womenswear and in February 2012 was awarded Young Designer of the Year at the Elle Style Awards.
In February 2012 she saw the release of her much anticipated collaboration with Longchamp creating a capsule collection of their signature bags and totes.

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