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Ever since I was a child I remember myself spending hours in my father's library looking to all of his books and trying to read them.I couldn't resist in the view of so many books..so many books that have been made from people who affected the world..and people who weren't afraid of expressing their thoughts and feelings or just let their fantasy gallop like a free horse, even in hard times where there wasn't any kind of democracy or freedom of speech. Whenever strong feelings came up to the surface I would always write about them. Writing is a getaway for me,a place where I can dream,speak honestly, and say everything that I want to say. This blog is my getaway and I would love  for every person that might read it, to leave a comment with an opinion or with a though that has to be seen from everyone.Come with me and enjoy my journey through writing.!

Take a look at it and let me know if you like it :)

xo Lily


Find the perfect shoes!

I would always spend many hours until I finally find the perfect pair of shoes.Either it was about sneakers or high heels a good research had to be done first.I've never regretted for shoes that I have bought and I believe that it is extremely important to always invest your money in a good pair of shoes.And what do I actually mean by saying good?Good means that these shoes that you want to buy must be comfortable and suitable for your feet.
High heels may be too painful because they don't support your whole foot especially when you wear them for so many hours.When looking for high heels be sure to try them many times and walk with them on your feet so you can see if they hurt you.

After all,opt for practical shoes that will keep your feet warm and dry in rain and snow, shoes that won't hurt your feet or give you blisters.
Do not ignore the qualities of shoes and never buy shoes just because they are in fashion!
Choose what is best for you and matches with your style :)

After a research,I've found some shoes that I would definitely try on!Let's take a look:

From left to right: Steve Madden,  patent leather pumps
                              Chiara Ferragni, blue velvet pumps
                              LC Lauren Conrad, platform Mary Janes
                              Zara, suede black mid boots
                              H&M rubber boots
                              Mango, double strap leather ballerinas

->These are my shoes paired with polka dot tights and pink s╬┐cks.They are really comfortable!

Which one is your favorite?Let me know if you have any advice when buying shoes!
xo Lily


All time coats!

When it comes to fall one thing certainly comes up in my mind : finding the perfect coat!I know how difficult it is for someone to find a coat that will be ideal.You should make a research first and then try the ones you've found to see if they work for you.And of course you want a specific color and size.I've rarely found a coat to fall for! Whether you live in a country as cold as ice or as cold as normal,finding the perfect coat is a big deal. A coat is necessary for every type of person but mostly for those who are fashion conscious. I've done a research and I have found a lot of options for each and every one who loves being stylish while following the new trends for this fall.These are my top 6 favorite for fall :

 -Simple and all time clas-chic

-Colorful and bright


-Cape coat

- Militaire

-Lace elegance

-> Which one are you into for this fall? :-)

Shopping list:

1)Zara colorful coat
2)Zara leather peplum black coat
3)Mango trench coat
4)Topshop black velvet coat


!Oh my sweaters!

The weather has finally started to get cooler more and more each day and that's why fall's shopping list marks sweaters as a total must!I always liked the cozy and so comfortable feeling of an oversized sweater in cold months.There are so many ways that you can wear an oversized sweater,take a look at what I suggest!

 Wear an oversized sweater upon your denim shirt or any shirt to add a note of a classic style!

Create a complete and totally chic look by wearing a colorful oversized sweater as a dress, and let the accessories go back to black!

 Rock an oversized sweater upon a simple monochromatic t-shirt and pair it with a printed scarf to give your style an edgy finish touch!

-> Whice style do you prefer mostly and why?

xo Lily


EMAs night!

Yesterday was absolutely a wonderful night in Frankfurt as MTV 2012 EMAs were hosted by supermodel Heidi Klum. Mtv witnessed international pop superstars walk the red carpet at the EMAs.
Ladies rocked beautiful outfits in an -oh so-glamorous night which included lots of music,great performances and thousands of people!

Taylor Swift catches the fashion rythm while choosing the it color of fall -cream- in J Mendel
Best Song winner and supersweet Carley Rae Jepsen shimmered in silver Joanna Johnson!
 As for super talented Alicia Keys ,dressed in Stella McCartney, she herself mentioned:

"Her new collection is bananas, I love it! I like the colours, she has this beautiful colour blocking thing happening. It has a toughness but also a femininity."



All time clas-chic is where fashion and personal style meet.It is a new blog where you can share your ideas,be inspired by celebrity style and spread your love for the world of fashion!

This Fall's top 10 list includes:



Polka Dots

Peter pan collars






I am really excited to try all of them and hope everyone is too!

xo Lily