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Ever since I was a child I remember myself spending hours in my father's library looking to all of his books and trying to read them.I couldn't resist in the view of so many books..so many books that have been made from people who affected the world..and people who weren't afraid of expressing their thoughts and feelings or just let their fantasy gallop like a free horse, even in hard times where there wasn't any kind of democracy or freedom of speech. Whenever strong feelings came up to the surface I would always write about them. Writing is a getaway for me,a place where I can dream,speak honestly, and say everything that I want to say. This blog is my getaway and I would love  for every person that might read it, to leave a comment with an opinion or with a though that has to be seen from everyone.Come with me and enjoy my journey through writing.!

Take a look at it and let me know if you like it :)

xo Lily

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