Old times,good times..

2013 is a few days away and now we realise that time really flies..It flies and it takes all the beloved moments away but we keep them as memories in the end.There are so many things that we have done in this year and we were happy and other times we just wanted the earth to open and swallow everything.

Every December I spend some time alone in the last days of the month to think what I've done in the year and I find myself very thoughful in the end because I recapture every moment and every feeling.
This year was good and bad in the same time but one thing I know for sure is that I've met wonderful people and lived special days.

Here are some things that I truly enjoyed in 2012..

 The feeling of a really good fashion show where you get to enjoy every outfit and every moment.
 Those summer evenings in the islands chilling out by the sea with relaxin music and a good drink.
 The writing process, that I always loved and will for ever, about my thoughts and my feelings.
           Watching an old good movie(all time favorite) when relaxed on the sofa.
The times I've gone for shopping and have found really good pieces in cool prices.
            Sunday mornings reading newspapers and magazines which I love to do.
   Enjoying a good book and have that feeling in the end that this book gave me something important
         These beautiful days with perfect weather that I've spend in the countryside.
   And finally,as a travel lover,the trip that I'm planning to have in 2013 to London!

-Which was your all time favorite moment among 2012?Let me know in the comments below!

I wish You my lovely followers and everyone in the world a really happy new year and I want to thank you for taking some time to visit my blog!May your dreams come true and always be happy!

 xo Lily


It's Christmas time!

Christmas have always been the best type of  holiday for me. All the lights that shine on every street,the smell of all sweet baked goods,parents with their children enjoying a walk or shopping for presents all feel so good and make me really happy!This year though I couldn't welcome christmas as happily as before but finally I made it and now I enjoy this christmas feeling which is floating around the city!
I see Christmas as an opportunity of getting close to people,show them your love and make them feel unique!Life is short and I will enjoy every minute with my family and my friends so I won't regret it in the future..

So these are little things that make me feel good at Christmas!

That time when all of you gather around the christmas tree and exchange gifts!Opening presents and finding out that this is the one you wanted most!The first present I got for christmas years ago was a personal diary from my father and I guess that's why I love writing so much now,thanks dad :)

 Decorating the Christmas tree and then admiring it surrounded by your people!

And finally enjoying macarons and cupcakes while relaxing on your sofa close to the fireplace!

I wish everyone the best and spend time with people that they really love :)
How do you want to spend this special day?Let me know in the comments below!
xo Lily


Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung is one of my all time favorite fashion icons.She has a unique fashion sense and always looks fabulous!I admire women who have such a unique way of being different from the fashion "status quo" and who are able to support classic and chic style such Alexa does. Alexa likes to keep it simple with not many accessories and reveals that the secret of looking gorgeous are red lips with every outfit! I loved it when she was Alex's Turner girlfriend,the two of them were so good together!
Take a look of her most lovely appearances!

What do you think of Alexa's style options?
xo Lily



Hello people ! How was your weekend?
 For me it was pretty good.I've seen some old good friends,made a visit to National Garden and Acropolis here in Athens and bought newspapers and fashion magazines to keep me company with my breakfast on sunday morning!
It's like a tradition for me on sundays as I love reading newspapers and magazines while relaxing next to the fireplace with my family.

-This month I'm reading ELLE UK magazine,it has good articles mostly about fashion and a lot of options for shopping:

-My walk in beautiful Athens,exploring nature in the national garden,chasing the sun in the sky and enjoying acropolis by night with it's full moon!

Do you like reading fashion magazines on Sunday mornings? :) Let me know!

xo Lily


Do it like Miranda!

Australian super model Miranda Kerr is more that just another model in the fashion industry.She has proven that she has a unique style and many abilities to be a mother while being one of the top Victoria Secret angels!She grew up in a place where there wasn't any pretentiousness and no one really cared what you were wearing. That's probably what makes Miranda so unique!From head to toe she always looks fabulous! I love how she distinguishes from other models,she is a real fashion icon.Below are some of her most lovely looks :

Miranda in New York wearing flared black skirt and blue denim jacket with Best casual Chic Look.

With her doggie looking absolutely chic in skinny jeans paired with black shirt and printed shoes.

On a night out Miranda literally rocks leather black shorts paired with a colorful sweater and bright red lipstick.

For a walk with her son in New York where she combines leather pants with red knitted jacket and red high heels.

Spotted in New York streets with an office-chic look wearing white loose shirt and nude pants with a black stripe on the side.

Which look is your favorite?Are you a fan of Miranda's style?

xo Lily