Sunday Street Style

Happy Sunday everyone!As you may have read before in my posts,I love Sundays because I get the chance to relax,read newspapers and fashion magazines and pick up my favorite street style looks from the past week!
So here are my 6 favorite street style looks for this week!
Hope you enjoy them as much as I do :)

       Wish you an amazing and relaxing day!

What do you think of these looks?Which one do you prefer?

xo Lily


Sunday Street Style

Inspired by a recent board that I created on Pinterest, I want to share with you my opinion about SS-Street Style-.
I love it when I see people on the streets with different styles,each one has a unique style that describes the personality and the fashion sence of that person!
Not everyone is able to be a model, so streets can be used as runways. After all, Streets are the REAL runways!
Each person's style is a way of expression that has to be seen by everyone,not just the ones who have the ability to watch it on fashion shows only.
So I decided that every Sunday I will share with you here in All time Clas-chic 6 of my favorite looks of the street runway!

Here are some looks to enjoy my sweet readers! :)

Which one is your favorite?Let me know in the comments!

xo Lily


New Year,New Trends!

Since 2013 started, as always, I did a short investigation in new trends that are going to rock this year!
Fashions always come and go (we do agree YSL!) but here in All time Clas-chic I like to keep up with the old classical chic pieces that have always stayed in fashion for years. Their value is priceless and even if they go off in one season they will certainly come up in another one!
This year's trends are giving a unique "note" to the world of fashion by encouraging us to try something different,maybe a little edgy but still chic and definitely into our own style.Some of them have been into fashion before but came out again onto the surface!

I really like all of them and I am so excited to try them!Hope you are too.Take a look at the latest trends that I'm currently loving:

 -Puffed Jackets: Yes, they are a little bit risky to wear but if you style them right they won't be that bad!Opt for something comfortable and -why not- colorful!
 -Pleated long skirts: not only are they amazing but they can also go with everything!(and ofc they do not belong exclusively in a summer wardrobe!)
 Bonnets: They may not give you as style and as grace you would want but! they are really cozy and cute,especially when you try them on like Chiara Ferragni!
 Varsity jackets: Along with militaries, these jackets can literally explode the whole look and making it seem like you haven't tried at all!
 Sneakers-platforms: Comfortable and chic,these shoes can pair with every look you want to create-from formal to simple ones!
Hats: Who said that hats do not belong in colder months?? That's definitely an edgy note to a look!

What do you think of these trends?Are you going to give them a try?

xo Lily


Liebster Award!

Happy New Year my sweet followers :) I hope you had the time of your lives and enjoyed every moment with your beloved ones at holidays!Back to reality now in 2013 !

Today's post is dedicated to Liebster award,a "sweet" award as it's meaning in German.
I'm so happy to be nominated by Mystylediary Manon's blog! Take a look at her blog here it is so good :) 

The Liebster award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.

All you have to do is:
  • Tell 11 things about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger asked you
  • Ask 11 questions to the bloggers you will nominate
  • Nominate 11 new bloggers
  • Make sure you notify the bloggers you nominate
So here are 11 things about myself!

1) I enjoy reading books(I am a real bookworm!)
2)My biggest dream is to travel around the whole world
3)I love it when people around me are smiling
4)I can't start my day without listening to music
5)My ..secret! dream is to sing
6)Sometimes I write poems
7)My closet is usually a real chaos
8)I love it when I meet interesting people
9)I'm scared of loneliness
10)I enjoy reading newspapers and magazines every sunday morning
11)I love helping people

Questions from My Style Diary

1. What is your favourite fashion item?
  Jeans-they are necessary and perfect for every outfit-

 2. What is your favourite Starbucks drink? 
  Caramel Frappuccino(with a lot of whipped cream ofc!)

 3. What is your favourite colour?
   All colors of the sky!

 4. Where would you most want to visit?
     United States

5. What is your favourite season?
All of them!Fall because of it's colorful leaves,Winter because of the sweet snow,Spring because of the beautiful flowers and Summer because of the amazing sun and sea!

6. What is on top of your wishlist?
To travel somewhere-anywhere in the planet would be ideal!

 7. Who is your favourite actor?
Adam Sandler(he is so funny!)

8. What is your favourite song?
 I have lots of favorites but I would say Wonderwall -Oasis!

9. What is your favourite clothing brand?
H&M(you can find amazing pieces in cool prices!)

 10. What makes you smile?
 A baby when trying to discover this world!

11. What is your guilty pleasure?
 Chocolate?Haha I don't consider it as a guilty pleasure though-except eating in late at night before you sleep!-

Questions for my Nominees:

1)Which is your favorite piece from your wardrobe now?
2)Best book you've ever read?
3)Would you be able to live without music?
4)Do you like travelling?
5)What's your favorite movie?
6)What's your sweetest memory from your childhood?
7)Any beauty products you can't live without?
8)Do you have any pets?
9)What's your favorite quote?
10)Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
11)What's the most adventurous thing you've ever done?

My lovely Nominees:
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If I haven't nominated you,feel free to answer these questions in the comments below and be sure to leave me the link of your blog so I can take a look :)

Special thanks to Manon E. from My Style Diary that gave me the opporutiny to participate in this!

xo Lily