New Year,New Trends!

Since 2013 started, as always, I did a short investigation in new trends that are going to rock this year!
Fashions always come and go (we do agree YSL!) but here in All time Clas-chic I like to keep up with the old classical chic pieces that have always stayed in fashion for years. Their value is priceless and even if they go off in one season they will certainly come up in another one!
This year's trends are giving a unique "note" to the world of fashion by encouraging us to try something different,maybe a little edgy but still chic and definitely into our own style.Some of them have been into fashion before but came out again onto the surface!

I really like all of them and I am so excited to try them!Hope you are too.Take a look at the latest trends that I'm currently loving:

 -Puffed Jackets: Yes, they are a little bit risky to wear but if you style them right they won't be that bad!Opt for something comfortable and -why not- colorful!
 -Pleated long skirts: not only are they amazing but they can also go with everything!(and ofc they do not belong exclusively in a summer wardrobe!)
 Bonnets: They may not give you as style and as grace you would want but! they are really cozy and cute,especially when you try them on like Chiara Ferragni!
 Varsity jackets: Along with militaries, these jackets can literally explode the whole look and making it seem like you haven't tried at all!
 Sneakers-platforms: Comfortable and chic,these shoes can pair with every look you want to create-from formal to simple ones!
Hats: Who said that hats do not belong in colder months?? That's definitely an edgy note to a look!

What do you think of these trends?Are you going to give them a try?

xo Lily


  1. Loving all these trends.
    I want to follow you, but can't find the GFC link :(

    Mix and Match the F word

  2. I love trainer platforms they just look so comfy but a bit more glamorous than the original converse type trainer.
    Can't wait to read more of you're posts! Would love to follow each other


  3. Love plated skirts and varsity jackets:)
    Would you to follow each other ? :)

  4. i love that blush pleated skirt! so pretty.


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