All time coats!

When it comes to fall one thing certainly comes up in my mind : finding the perfect coat!I know how difficult it is for someone to find a coat that will be ideal.You should make a research first and then try the ones you've found to see if they work for you.And of course you want a specific color and size.I've rarely found a coat to fall for! Whether you live in a country as cold as ice or as cold as normal,finding the perfect coat is a big deal. A coat is necessary for every type of person but mostly for those who are fashion conscious. I've done a research and I have found a lot of options for each and every one who loves being stylish while following the new trends for this fall.These are my top 6 favorite for fall :

 -Simple and all time clas-chic

-Colorful and bright


-Cape coat

- Militaire

-Lace elegance

-> Which one are you into for this fall? :-)

Shopping list:

1)Zara colorful coat
2)Zara leather peplum black coat
3)Mango trench coat
4)Topshop black velvet coat


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    1. Thanks so much Tesa,I'm glad you like it :)
      I love the photos on your blog they are amazing!
      xo Lily

  2. Coat in the first picture is very nice!

    xx Karolina
    Caramode Blog - Bloglovin - Facebook

    1. Indeed it's really nice,I'm searching for a coat like this!
      I've started following you Karolina,love your blog :)
      Have a great day,xo Lily

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    1. Hola Rocio!También me gusta el abrigo blanco especialmente para el otoño!
      Tu blog ser muy bonito!
      xo Lily

  4. Great post! I'm loving all your picks and the colorful, military and cozy coats are currently on my MUST HAVE list!

    If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post. xo

    1. Thanks Naja I'm glad that you like it,I love military coats too they my favorite for this fall :)
      Love your blog!
      xo Lily

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